OS-tan Project Overview

So I happen to gain a sudden interest in OS-tans, right?

And because of that, I end up checking out the Wikipedia page for OS-tans.

Upon reading it, however, I was rather disappointed with how brief the content it contained was.

For That reason, I decided to make a better central for all of the information I can find about OS-tans, since it's mostly scattered across sites only accessable via the Wayback Machine.

Why not just edit the Wikipedia page, then?

First off, that's boring, also they are very particular about "facts" and "sources" and such, which is kind of impossible to find considering the anonymous nature of the internet.

The online-community-driven nature of them also makes it so most of the details about OS-tans are up for interperetation, meaning that there are very few 'facts', and many more 'opinions'.

As such, I'd like to frame this site as my perception on the movement, rather than an objective truth of the whole ordeal; that would end up no better than the Wiki page.

At least for the Early OS-tans, which is the subject I will be making website pages for first, the content will really just be art analysis and commentary, as that is what most OS-tan media happens to be.

I intend to finish the Nanami page for now, then I'll be taking leave for some time.

Once I return, I plan on making pages talking about Boorus for finding OS-tan art, as well as the history of moe anthropromorphism.

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Now, I've never really delved into a topic with the depth which I intend to use for this one before.

Unfortunately, this probably wasn't the best subject to pick, in that regard, since there are very few "official" sources and preserved history to work with.

Because of that, and since my researching ability is quite underdeveloped, much of what you read will just be me guessing things.

Keep that in mind while you explore this site.

IMPORTANT: None of the artwork used on this site is mine!

I would try to give credit to the artists, but since most of these images were posted on an anonymous imageboard over two decades ago, that is very much impossible for me to do.

I'll try not to use any art with a signature or artist name attached to it, but please excuse me if I do anyways.

My method for what art I use on this site is as follows:

First, I check Yandex to see if any reuploads of the art exist online.

If none are found, then I will use it without any reservations.

If I happen to find an upload onto a Booru or image database, then I will check to see if it linked to an artist name or signature.

If there is none, then I will assume that it was uploaded anonymously, and will use it unless someone requests that I use something else instead.

If I happen to use any artwork here which does not follow these rules, you can try to contact me.

You can try to comment on my Neocites profile, or otherwise get in contact with me on Twitter.

-Gauche m. Droite